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Mitas Expands E-07 and E-07+ Adventure Tire Range With More Sizes

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Published on 06.19.2020


This summer, Mitas is enhancing its offering for the trail/adventure segment of the motorcycle market, and due to popular demand is reintroducing a number of sizes to its E-07 range alongside the successful E-07+ to give riders in this dynamic segment even more choice.

“The E-07 is a true 50% on-road and 50% off-road adventure tire. Over its long years of service it has continued to be one of the most desirable choices for adventure riders, as it combines road riding performance and wear with more adventurous off-road trips. Due to its hard wearing compound and optimal performance on- and off-road, the E-07 remains a preferred choice on many journeys across the world,” explains Gustavo Pinto Teixeira, Vice President Two Wheels and Specialty Tires.


Standing on the shoulders of the popular E-07 is the E-07 plus— a 60% on-road and 40% off-road adventure tire for riders of larger adventure motorcycles with higher engine displacement and power outputs. With cross-ply construction and a slightly modified big-block chevron tread pattern the plus version provides plenty of open space between the tread blocks to displace sand, mud and water from the contact patch, while keeping enough rubber between the road and the rotating tire. Since the tread design is more on road oriented, the E-07 plus provides extra stability on pavement.


Select sizes of E-07 and E-07+ are available in the “Dakar” version (marked with a yellow stripe) featuring a reinforced carcass, higher puncture resistance and harder compound. It is ideal for higher loads, longer adventure trips and extreme conditions.  

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Both patterns remain fully interchangeable and compatible between front and rear (e.g. E-07 front, E-07+ rear), offering great versatility.

All tubeless (TL) versions of both E-07 and E-07+ can be used with a tube on tube type rims.

For more info and pre-orders go to

Available sizes


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