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BMW motorcycles will have active cruise control soon

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Active cruise control is coming to BMW’s motorcycle line, soon. According to a BMW Motorrad press release, we can expect the safety technology in the near future, although it doesn’t say exactly what motorcycles will have the feature, or exactly when it will happen.

Active cruise control systems have been available on cars for years, but they’re not available on motorcycles—yet. Other manufacturers (Kawasaki, Ducati, Harley-Davidson) are working on bringing it to their bike lines, and now we know BMW’s doing the same. BMW is working on this system with Bosch, which means the technology will likely make its way around the industry before long.

What, exactly, is active cruise control? Basically, it does the same thing as standard cruise control, except it adapts to changing road conditions. In BMW’s case, it’s configured the active cruise control to keep the motorcycle moving at a constant speed, while maintaining a safe distance behind a car in front. The system allows the rider to change the pre-set following distance. It also allows the rider to choose between “comfortable or dynamic” behaviour, adjusting the acceleration and deceleration to give aggressive performance, or a smooth, comfortable ride.

The active cruise control system will manage the bike’s speed sensibly through cornering, slowing down if required. BMW says the system is configured to provide a “comfortable lean angle” and “maintain a stable rideability.” BMW also points out the rider is still in control, and can intervene at all times. This is especially true at traffic lights or other scenarios, where the motorcycle approaches a stopped vehicle. The active cruise control system is only configured to deal with moving vehicles, so the rider must brake the bike in such scenarios.

The active cruise control system will be managed through the bike’s TFT screen, and of course, it can be disabled. When it arrives, don’t expect it on BMW’s lower-priced models; it will likely see availability spread across the line in coming years, starting with the highest-priced tourers and ADV bikes.

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