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COVID Claims AMA’s Year End Award Celebrations

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The American Motorcyclist Association announced that it has canceled its 2020 AMA Championship Banquet.  The organization also canceled the AMA Motorcycle Hall Of Fame Induction for 2020.

In a unanimous board of directors vote, the group advised AMA President and CEO Rob Dingman to direct staff to:

  • Make provisions for delivering AMA National No. 1 plates to riders who win national championships in series and AMA Grand Championships successfully held in 2020;
  • Explore remote alternatives for AMA Congress, the annual meeting for debating and proposing rule updates for AMA-sanctioned activity.
banquet hall of fame

There will be no Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony this year due to COVID.

AMA’s Chief Operating Officer James Holter said:

“The board made clear that its decision was to protect attendees from exposure to the coronavirus, particularly with the likelihood for an additional surge in cases next winter when the year-end celebrations are traditionally held.  The board also felt that canceling the events was a responsible financial decision in light of expected low attendance, and the time and resource commitment necessary to hold such celebrations.”

The AMA did not say how they are planning to accomplish each of the board’s directions.   Holding the events virtually is a possibility.  But at this point, it’s not clear how the board’s actions will be accomplished.  While the board is doing its best to protect its members, it’s a shame that the AMA #1 license plate holders will not get their day in the sun this year.


All image credit: AMA

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