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New Dragster 800 SCS, Brutale 800 SCS come with semi-auto clutch

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MV Agusta has announced its new Brutale 800 SCS and Dragster 800 SCS with a semi-auto clutch. On these new model variants, it’s now possible to shift between gears without using the handlebar clutch lever.

We’ve seen MV Agusta’s Smart Clutch System before. Back in mid-2018, MV Agusta announced its Turismo Veloce sport tourer  would come in a version with semi-auto clutch. Riders would be able to use the clutch lever to shift through the gears like usual, but the Smart Clutch System also allows them to also ride without using the lever, if they choose to. When the engine rpms drop, the clutch automatically disengages, so your engine won’t die at an intersection; when the revs start to climb, the clutch engages again, and you’re underway without using your clutch lever. Combined with MV Agusta’s standard up/down quickshifter, the Smart Clutch System also allows for lightning-fast launches, as riders can bang through the gearbox without worrying about the clutch.

Now, offroaders might think this all sounds familiar, and it should: the Smart Clutch System is actually a Rekluse design. This concept has been around on dirt bikes for years, as some offroaders like the ability to tackle tough terrain without worrying about stalling when things get hectic. Even before the Rekluse, Honda used a similar system on its early ATVs and even two-wheelers. There were also some Brit bikes with similar designs.

It’s a clever idea, too, as it’s fairly cheap to graft this onto an existing MV Agusta bottom end, and still allows riders to use the clutch as normal, unlike Honda’s DCT gearbox. It isn’t completely auto, like the DCT, but it does make shifting much easier, and bumper-to-bumper traffic will be much more enjoyable.

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