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SC-Project brings out new exhausts for Honda Africa Twin

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Honda introduced the CRF1100L Africa Twin adventure bike in 2020; a few months later, and the aftermarket is starting to catch up. Now, we’ve got new exhausts from SC-Project, one for street usage and one for race-only use.

Why put on a new exhaust? Most owners think they’ll get more power, but the reality is, modern emissions regs and EFI systems mean you’re probably not going to get a lot of extra horsepower with a new slip-on muffler. You’ll likely shed some weight, and get a bit more noise (again, depending on regulations), and maybe, just maybe, you’ll feel some difference in the power or power delivery.

That’s basically what you’re getting with the SC-Project X-Plorer II muffler. Thanks to titanium construction, with carbon-fiber endcap, it weighs 3.5 kilograms, two kilograms less than the stocker. Aside from that? SC-Project says the X-Plorer II makes the bike more rideable, and changes the power delivery, but note that there’s no promise of mad horsepower gains. It’s hard to do that sort of thing while keeping everything street-legal in the EU, where Euro5 emissions regs determine whether or not you can sell a bike, and what aftermarket equipment is street-legal.

If you aren’t so fussed about that, then SC-Project can sell you the Rally Raid exhaust system. This is a full replacement for the Honda CRF1100L stock exhaust, with titanium construction and a carbon-fiber heat shield. SC-Project says it uses the Africa Twin’s stock lambda probes, and claims it makes more power (and of course, more noise)  than the original, and also cuts a bunch of weight. Chances are, if it really does need more power, it’ll also need a re-tuning via Power Commander or similar unit. Anyway, this is sold as a competition exhaust, so if you’re looking to run a big-bike offroad rally, this is what you want.

Pricing for the Rally Raid system is 770 euros for the headers, 670 for the muffler. The X-Plorer muffler costs 870 euros. Find more details at the SC-Project website.

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