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Gossip: Ducati Monster 821 awaiting an overhaul

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The Ducati Monster 821 is an iconic naked bike, but it might be on the verge of a major visual overhaul. According to British mag MCN, the Monster 821 is getting a complete revision, including a new frame. Supposedly, Ducati is ditching its distinctive trellis frame.

The rumours of a new Monster 821 started with the release of some spy shots a few months back, showing an updated version of the bike with a new frame. At that time, it seemed a bit speculative, but MCN seems to have some reason to take it all more seriously now. There’s a new set of sketches floating around that appear to be based on the same machine. Is it all a clever hoax? Who knows …

One thing’s for sure: If Ducati ditches the trellis frame for the 821, it’s going to cause a fuss. The trellis frame is part of the Ducati Monster visual. So why would Ducati move away from it?

Simple: It’s all about the Benjamins. The Monster 821 is one of Ducati’s more budget-oriented models, and the company needs to keep the price competitive with naked bikes from other manufacturers. Remember that Triumph is on the verge of introducing a new budget-priced middleweight, and the Japanese have already been selling machines at a lower price point for years. If Ducati can make an aluminum frame cheaper than a steel trellis frame, it can either maximize profits or lower the price point of its machines, or maybe a bit of both. With the aftermath of COVID-19 still uncertain, no doubt Ducati is doubly interested in a machine that can either save money, or appeal to customers with thinner wallets.

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