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Ducati offers new guided, live virtual tours of its Bologna factory museum

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Ever been to the museum at Ducati’s factory in Bologna, Italy? I have, and it was glorious, with lovely vintage racebikes and scramblers and plenty of hot new superbikes, too. Of course, that was pre-COVID, and even if you could afford the cost of travel to Italy to tour the museum, it wouldn’t be much fun in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

Lucky for you, though, Ducati’s re-opening the museum in October, and as part of that plan, it’s got a new virtual tour planned.

Ducati had to close the factory museum during the early days of COVID-19, and while the factory has been back in business for months, the museum has understandably been closed to outsiders. Not anymore, though; along with the guided factory tours, Ducati is also opening up a new virtual tour.

Previously, you could kinda-sorta use Google Maps to click your way around inside the museum, but the new Ducati program will actually have a live, in-person guide delivering the tour. There will be four virtual tours a week, two in Italian (Thursdays and Sundays at 5 PM local time) and two in English (Tuesdays at 5 PM, Saturdays at 9 AM local time).

You can get your tickets for the virtual tour through the Ducati museum’s website. You can use a mobile device (tablet, smartphone) or your computer to take in the tour; you can even communicate with the guide to ask questions, during the tour. Tickets are 10 Euros for the virtual tour, and will be available for dates after October 15. For more details, keep an eye on the Ducati museum’s website.

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