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Yamaha teases a new MT-series naked bike

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Yamaha is about to debut a new naked bike, probably something in the MT line. It’s been rumoured for a while, but now we’ve got an actual teaser for the machine, as you can see above.

Although Yamaha doesn’t actually give away the name of the new bike in that video, the general assumption is that we’re going to see an updated version of the MT-09 naked bike. Currently, the MT-09 uses Yamaha’s trusty liquid-cooled 847cc triple, the same engine that’s in the Tracer 900, XSR900 and Niken-series models.

This summer, we saw some government documents indicating Yamaha has plans to big-bore that 847cc engine, bumping displacement to 890cc. Supposedly, the engine will see other changes too, although we never saw specific details. Supposedly, Yamaha wants to update the MT’s engine to bring it up to Euro5 standards. The old triple wouldn’t meet the updated emissions regulations, which come into effect in 2021, so Yamaha had to re-design the engine. Sometimes, it’s hard to do that without horsepower loss (we’ve seen other updated machines dropping power when they’re updated). With that in mind, Yamaha sensibly added some extra cubes to the engine. Now it supposedly sees a modest boost, from 114 horsepower to 118 horsepower.

No doubt Yamaha will include some new electronic features as well, as that’s the way the industry is headed. Of course, the bike will be re-styled, although you can tell from the video above that Yamaha is still going with that hokey “Dark Side Of Japan” marketeering. Expect to see the bike released sometime in November.

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