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Honda’s bringing out a new CB1000R

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With new motorcycle release season here, we’re seeing teasers or releases for new machines every day. For that reason, it’s no surprise to see Honda teasing a new CB1000R. It is surprising, though, to see the bike doesn’t appear to have changed that much, visually.

Honda teased the new bike through a YouTube video, promising we’d see the new machine on November 10. So what’s changing? Uh, according to what we can see in the video … nothing.

The teaser vid (which looks like some sort of MK Ultra programming device, what with all that flashing light) shows a bike that looks an awful lot like the current model. The headlight might be a bit different, the wheels might be a bit different, but it looks basically the same, on the outside.

That makes sense, as the CB1000R does a great job of nailing that cyberpunk aesthetic that Husqvarna’s brought into popularity. While the other Japanese manufacturers explore their history with new bikes that recall old models, Honda’s CB1000R reminds us of the past’s vision of the future. For now, the other Japanese factories aren’t doing that.

So what does change, then? The latest-generation of the CBR1000RR-R (aka, the pirate bike) had significant upgrades over its previous superbike. Honda re-worked the engine (trick top end, titanium con rods, etc.) to make a lot more horsepower (215 hp at 14,500 rpm), although you probably wouldn’t see that much power in the CB1000R. However, Honda might have put a pretty comprehensive electronics package in the CB, as the Euro competition is certainly headed that direction. The current CB1000R already has powerful safety electronics, managed by the throttle-by-wire system, with features like adjustable engine output, engine braking, traction control and wheelie control.

The CB1000R could see those features pushed further, and of course the new engine will comply with Europe’s latest emissions standards. We’ll know the full story on November 10.

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