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You Saw It Here First! # 2 – ChainBath

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One hassle associated with chain-driven motorcycles is cleaning the chain.  Some of us may overlook this relatively mundane task.  Yes, it can be quite messy, but it’s really not that hard.  Are there any solutions that can make this dirty but necessary chore faster, easier, and perhaps even more environmentally friendly? Enter ChainBath.

One person thinks there is a solution, and that person is Daniel Chiriac.  Daniel is an engineer and inventor, and he has come up with an invention that could make one part of motorcycle maintenance easier.  Or not.

Daniel has come up with an invention called the ChainBath.  ChainBath seems to be a relatively simple piece of kit.  It’s merely an attachable tray that you fill with a cleaning solution (in the video WD-40).  You then rotate the chain through the solution and let it clean the chain.

No centerstand necessary

If you don’t have a centerstand, you can still walk the bike backward and forward until the entire chain has been immersed in the cleaning solution.  Not only does the ChainBath hold the cleaning solution, its inventor says that it also can catch the dripping solvent after the chain is clean.

In a LinkedIn post, one person asks whether there is a video with a filthy chain since the chain in the video looks fairly clean.  The inventor says that if the chain is really dirty, you have to do a deep cleaning to remove the muck, but ChainBath helps in that process.

Chainbath is on its 6th revision, and the product seen in the video is of an earlier version.  In a LinkedIn post, Daniel says:

The fact that the chain is completely submerged, combined with the degreasing action of the solution, plus the agitated movement of the solution inside the ChainBath, make cleaning really good. – Daniel Chiriac

Daniel is looking for companies interested in bringing the ChainBath and his other inventions to market.

So what do you think?  Is ChainBath a good idea, or is it something else?  If you think it’s a good idea, would you make any changes to it?  Let everyone know in the comments below.

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