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Harley-Davidson Giving Away Rider Training

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Harley-Davidson wants to bring new riders into the fold.  And this holiday season, Harley intends to do just that by offering free rider training to new riders.  In a press release, Harley says it is conducting a Learn-to-Ride giveaway.

The MoCo says that they want to put 2020 in the rearview mirror and focus on the new year.  So, they are hoping to help friends and family reconnect with the shared passion of the open road by giving away 500 Harley-Davidson™ Riding Academy classes during the holiday season.

New riders

From now through December 31, riders are able to nominate the non-rider in their life the gift of the thrill of riding in 2021.  Nominating your special rider is easy and winners will be picked randomly by Harley-Davidson.

Harley-Davidson new riders

Harley-Davidson is giving 500 new riders a chance to learn to ride for free.

There are two ways to enter your nomination.  They may be made through either Instagram or Twitter.  If you wish to use Instagram, follow these instructions:

  • Instagram: Upload your favorite personal Harley-Davidson motorcycle image. Then @mention the non-rider friend or family member in your life you want to learn to ride and use #GiftOfRiding and #Giveaway. Your post must include #GiftOfRiding and #Giveaway.

If you want to use Twitter, the requirements are similar:

  • Twitter: Upload your favorite personal Harley-Davidson motorcycle image. Then tag the non-rider friend or family member in your life you want to learn to ride. Tweet must include #GiftOfRiding and #Giveaway.

Classes will be provided by Harley-Davidson’s Riding Academy.  Their New Rider Course provides attendees with “expert” guidance from Harley-Davidson certified coaches.  There will be both classroom sessions and hands on riding instruction.

Anytime a manufacturer promotes new riders and safe riding techniques, it’s a good thing.  And free riding instruction is even better.  Thanks Harley-Davidson, for bringing more people to the fold free of charge.



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