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Video: Adventure Spec shows its newish mini-fairing

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Want to add bodywork to your enduro? Adventure Spec’s new universal Mini Fairing might be all you need. Now, A-Spec’s marketeers have given us an up-close sneak peek at this farkle, as seen in the video above.

What’s the idea here anyway? It’s obvious, if you hang around the Thumpers forum long enough. Many adventure and dual sport riders want just a bit more wind protection on their single-cylinder motorcycles. As the video explains, there are generally two ways to do this. Some riders cut up some plastic (a garbage can lid, or whatever other suitable material that’s laying around) and attach that to their bike’s headlight mask. Sometimes you can get a pretty decent windshield out of this, but it’s not for everyone.

Other riders opt for a pricey fairing kit, made out of exotic materials. These arrangements look good, but they’re expensive to buy, and repair/replacement after a crash is also expensive.

Adventure Spec says it designed its Mini Fairing as sort of an in-between option. It’s a bit more tidy than a homebrew fairing, and offers more functionality, but it’s far less expensive than full-on carbon-fibre rally bodywork. Plastic home-built fairings may shed the wind as well as this Mini Fairing, maybe even better, but they do not come with built-in capacity to house GPS and other electronics, as well as a charging socket and LED dummy lights.

From what I can tell, this Mini Fairing was released early in 2020, but thanks to COVID-19, we haven’t really seen much about it (although there is this write-up in the Mapping & Navigation forum). No doubt we’ll see more hands-on reviews from inmates as next riding season carries on. Until then, you can at least use the video above to determine if this gadget is what you’re looking for, to add functionality to your bike.

UK-based Adventure Spec sells the Mini Fairing for some markets, but in the US, it’s carried by ProCycle, costing around $135 for the whole assembly.

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