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Motorcycle Demo Rides, Would You Pay To Ride?

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Making a motorcycle purchase can be harder than making a car purchase.  If you want to test drive a car, most car dealers will quickly hand you the keys (often with the salesperson) to demo the car.   But it’s not the same with motorcycle dealers.

Many motorcycle dealers don’t permit test drives.  Some permit them for certain known customers.  But it is often a problem to get a motorcycle dealer to hand you the bike’s keys to take a test ride.

Certainly, there are significant differences between offering test rides in cars than motorcycles.  Cars don’t simply fall over and get damaged due to a slight issue.   Also, even if a potential car buyer does get into a crash during a test drive, they are less likely to be injured than a motorcyclist who falls off or crashes into something.

Dealers often cite the high cost of insurance and lost product if they offer test rides to the public.  And those issues seem to make sense.  But if there was a way to get more dealers to offer you a test ride, would you be interested?

Apparently, there is a way to get more test rides.  But you’ll have to pay for them.  An app called EZ RiderDemo allows you to book a motorcycle test ride from participating dealers.

Demo EX RiderDemo

Screengrab from a Suzuki V-Strom 1050 demo.

Using the app

Using the app, you select a participating dealer.   Then select the bike, date, and time you are interested in doing the test ride.  Then input how long you want the test ride to last.  Demos can be as short as 30 minutes or as long as 4 hours.  The cost increases the longer the test ride gets.   Finally, you input your credit card data.

With your reservation, you also purchase insurance.  Demo pricing depends on the bike chosen.  Once you have completed the demo reservation, you have the opportunity to ride your selected bike and have also purchased insurance for that ride.

After arriving at the dealership, on your phone, select “start your test ride,” pick up the keys and head directly to your chosen motorcycle.  An EZ Rider associate (most likely a dealership representative) will go over the bike with you and may even suggest close by ride routes.  At your ride’s conclusion, and after you return the keys, hit “end ride” on the app.  You can then go on your way.

As a new app, it seems there is presently only one participating dealer.  Using the app, I selected that dealer and chose a 2020 VStrom 1050.  The rate shown was $32 for 30 minutes or $47 per hour, which happened to be the max time available for this machine.

With that background, if your local dealer provided the capability to demo a motorcycle for a fee, would you be interested?  Let us know in the comments below.







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