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RawHyde opens new “Zakar” riding/training/event facility

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RawHyde grows again! The ADV training/touring provider has announced its Zakar Overland Terrain Park and Event Center is officially opening for business at the Adventure Days 2021 event.

What’s Zakar all about? The name supposedly stands for Zombie Apocalypse Kompound At RawHyde, but really, it’s just a pun on the famous Dakar rally name (no zombies onsite, far as we know). The new compound is designed to serve several purposes.  With RawHyde’s long history as an adventure motorcycle training provider, you’ll see more of that going on here. With motorcycle, ATV and SxS rentals, you can probably expect training for those vehicles. Zakar covers 100 acres in the Mojave Desert, with professionally-structured terrain, so there should be plenty of room for hoonery practice.


The facility uses lots of containers for post-apocalyptic dressing. Will you learn to drive like Mad Max, or ride like the Toecutter? … maybe. No word on whether the Lord Humungus appears as well. Photo: RawHyde

However, RawHyde’s main purpose for the new facility seems to be as a base for events. RawHyde will host Adventure Days 2021 there, an event that’s “part rally, part expo, and part trade show.” Riders can hang out, and the industry has a central spot to show off their farkles and new bikes. RawHyde also plans “GPS seminars, suspension and set up classes, tire changing & bead breaking clinics, off road riding and driving clinics, packing clinics,” and the like.

Going forward, this seems to be the plan. Along with its own events, RawHyde plans to rent Zakar out to companies in need of an offroad riding facility for demo days or similar programs. It’s conveniently located near a freeway offramp, and has onsite accommodations for up to 32 people, with additional lodging nearby. The onsite commercial kitchen has food service for 400 people, with 60-person dining hall/bar/lounge.

Photography seems to emphasize a sort of post-apocalyptic feel to the place, which is genius, really. It allows decor on a budget, and visitors get to feel like they’re on the edge of civilization while they’re a half-day’s journey from LA. If they can teach you to drive like an extra from Mad Max, all the better!

Even if your adventures never take you here, chances are you’re going to see this facility in photography from bike launches, etc., if RawHyde’s plans work out. For more details on Zakar, or Adventure Days 2021 (sold out, say the organizers), see here and here.

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