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calatorii To begin your ocean experience it is important to visit any Runescape port

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Your questions are appreciated, however I am unable to answer them as quickly as possible. But, I'll be more than happy to help RS Gold. Thanks for your time, and if you'd like to take on these price manipulators, spread the word, and form unions. I am not able to stay on the field for longer than a couple of seconds these days, and therefore I won't be able to fight for you.

A while back there was a thread that was started. It was titled "Skill Capes, Are They destroying Runescape?" This thread was about how weather skill capes are causing a number of arguments in Runescape. The topic was the fact that "if you have 99, you're immediately a novice/sucker at rs/at rs/at rs/at ls/at life etc."

Anyway getting kind of straight to the point. I got into an argument with a level77 turd who had an untrimmed firemaking cape. He had been burning wood to make 99 firemaking, and had earned all the money needed (just about 5 mil). Then, he was looking for 99 Fletching. It was the second most absurd excuse to obtain a 99.

I was scrolling the forums while watching yews like I do everyday when I'm bored. I was discussing with my mate how I believe that the rune hattet is more efficient than the dragon hatchet. I was in agreement with her to an extent, but this clown believed he could interrupt and call me an idiot because he claimed to be. He has spent countless hours testing and timing the dragon hatchet as he cut yews Buy Old School RuneScape Gold. I have concluded that either the dragon hatchets or the rune are the same, but that the rune is faster and 2 mil cheaper.

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