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Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Launches, With Retro Standard Styling

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Royal Enfield expanded its 350 line today, with official confirmation of the Hunter 350 for India’s market this fall.

The announcement came from Royal Enfield leader Siddhartha Lal via Instagram, with a video revealing the new machine:

What do we have here, then? Exactly what everyone in India’s motojournalism industry was predicting: A straight-up retro bike based on the same engine as the Meteor 350.

That means we will get a long-stroke air-cooled, fuel-injected SOHC thumper, making 20 horsepower at the crank, at 6,100 rpm, with a five-speed gearbox. Not enough to thrill the jaded North American buyer, but this would be a big bike for the Indian market. Royal Enfield also uses this engine in the new Classic 350. ABS will be standard in some markets, but perhaps optional in the US and Canada. Same for the Tripper GPS add-on gauge, and LED turn signals are also optional. Somewhat confusingly, an LED taillight is standard, but Royal Enfield went with an incandescent bulb for the turn signals and headlight. Someone please explain this for us?

Although some outlets in India are calling this an “urban scrambler,” it rolls on 17-inch wheels front and rear, instead of a 19-17 arrangement.

Royal Enfield will sell a stripped-down Retro version of this bike, and a tarted-up Metro variant; both versions can also be customized through Royal Enfield’s factory customization program.

These bikes are expected to debut in India this fall. Extrapolating from past Royal Enfield releases, we’d expect to see these bikes confirmed for North America in fall of 2023 and arriving sometime for 2024’s riding season. Unless COVID-19 interferes, of course, or supply shortages, or whatever else is going on at that point.

Vezi sursa

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