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Flying Eyes: Glasses That Bend, Don’t Break


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Flying Eyes had their lineup of motorcycle sunglasses on display at AIMExpo last week, offering riders a chance to check out sunglasses that are purpose-made for wearing under their helmet.

The Flying Eyes lineup is built around hyper-bendable frames that are supposed to avoid the unpleasantness of having your glasses arms digging into your head. They’re also supposed to be easier to fit into your helmet. They have a range of frame widths available, so no matter the size of your head or helmet, they can fit you. Styles range from wraparound to aviators to Wayfarer-pattern and more.


Flying Eyes’ glasses come in a wide range of styles and shades. Photo: Zac Kurylyk

They also have a choice of their own tinted lenses, including gradients, or you can just buy the frames and supply your own lenses, including prescription lenses. Flying Eyes can also provide prescription lenses. Flying Eyes does recommend that riders don’t use polarized lenses:

Polarized lenses aren’t recommended for motorcycles due to increased difficulty in seeing other vehicles or road obstructions. We recommend solid tint lenses to provide full shade coverage for motorcycling and other motorsports.

Our Mirrored Rose lens is an excellent choice for a high-contrast, rose-tinted lens that helps you see road obstructions and other motorists.

The glasses come with a limited lifetime warranty. Pricing starts at $317, which is a lot of money. However, Flying Eyes does offer “Try On Kits,” to help you get the right size and fit. You can also use their website to find a store with their glasses in-stock, if you don’t want to order off their website.

Vezi sursa

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