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vand Vand Sistem Comunicatie Moto Prin Bluetooth

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Vand sistem de comunicatie cu pasagerul prin bluetooth Cardo Scala Rider TeamSet



Sistemul este nou. Mi l-a adus cineva din state. Il vand pentru ca vreau sa-mi iau G4.

Se aude perfect la viteza mare datorita sistemului de Noise cancellation care elimina zgomotul produs de vant. De asemenea volumul din casti se regleaza automat in functie de viteza. L-am testat la 140km/h si intelegi perfect ce zice celalalt.

Microfonul este directional si capteaza doar vocea. L-am testat si pe o casca open-face si se aude bine chiar si cu geamul ridicat.


Pret: 700lei

Tel: 0722615990

Cardo Scala Rider Teamset

New version with MP3 input and wire!

The Scala Rider Teamset package includes two (2) headsets and intended for rider to passenger communication. Also, this unit allows you to receive GPS voice instructions, conduct calls on your mobile phone, or listen to your MP3 player.

This is the SRTS029 version with the MP3 input and wire!

The SCALA RIDER TeamSet is an immensely feature rich tool

Receive and initiate calls while riding your motorcycle

Weather protected headset fits any motorcycle helmet even under rain and snow conditions

Self-installation of entire system within 5 minutes, leaving no traces on helmet when removed. Instant quick-release and re-attachment mechanism for headset unit.

HIB (High Impact Balancing) Microphone for inter-city speed conditions.

AGC Technology: Speaker volume adjusts automatically according to ambient noise level and driving speed. No need to use volume buttons.

VOX Technology. Receive or reject incoming calls by random voice control.

INTERCOM - (Rider-to-Passenger communication).

Special clamp allows daily attachment or release of the headset from helmet within seconds.

Recharging from any regular outlet.

The unit works with up to three different Bluetooth devices and switches seamlessly among them:

To a Mobile Phone - receive incoming calls by voice command and initiate calls by one-button push and voice command

To a GPS unit - receive audio instructions via headset

To other scala-rider Q2 Headsets

Wind-resistant microphone also works at high-speeds

Large, easy-to-reach control button

Super-slim speaker fits any helmet and adjusts volume automatically

Quick-release clamp to attach or detach headset within seconds

Intercom button

After recharging from any outlet, the headset is easily re-attached to the helmet. Just slide it in and out.

Attach the clamp to the bottom of the helmet, and slide the SCALA RIDER onto the holding reel. Attaching and releasing happens in a matter of seconds. The SCALA RIDER kit offers not only superb features, ease of use and assembly but also looks great and is universally compatible with Bluetooth cell phones or PDA phones. The wind-resistant microphone provides clear communication even at relatively high-speed driving conditions. The super slim speaker fits even into tight helmets while advanced electronic components lets users initiate, receive or reject calls by voice-control. No other such product offers that many features and functions.

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