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Nume Fisier: Twist of the wrist

Contributor fisier: Mihay24

Fisier Adaugat: 04 Sep 2012

Categorie Fisier: Tutoriale, Ghiduri, Articole Utile

Keith Code is a former motorcycle racer,[1]writer, and founder of the California Superbike School.[2] He has been called "arguably the best known and most successful on-track motorcycle instructor in the world".[3] His teaching has been spread all over the world.[2] His California Superbike Schools have operated at over 90 tracks worldwide in 15 countries and have trained 150,000 riders. Code has invented rider training devices such as the No Body Steering Bike which illustrates the necessity for counter-steering to be used, the Lean and Slide Bike Trainers that train not only good body positioning and visual skills but also allow riders to experience sliding the machine with much reduced possibility of crashing, and the Panic Braking Trainer that allows riders to experience front wheel lock up and learn how to recover from it.[6][7][8]

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